Our Board of Directors

Welcome NEW Board Members elected December 2022!


The Board of Directors is made up of seven residents of Frost Farms. Each member of the Board volunteers for a one-year term or more. However, at least three members are asked to remain an additional year for organizational continuity, making a typical service for each director two consecutive years. We encourage homeowners to volunteer to serve and we welcome input and fresh ideas.

Our Officers and Board Members

Dr. Jesse Ingram


Email: Chair@FrostFarmsHOA.org

Mrs. Janelle Alves

Vice Chairperson

Email:  ViceChair@FrostFarmsHOA.org


Mr. Sam Nease


Email: Secretary@FrostFarmsHOA.org


Mrs. Sharon McGlover


Email:  Treasurer@FrostFarmsHOA.org



Mrs. Loretta Calhoun

Board Member



Ms. Darlene Jessie

Board Member


For Written Correspondence:

Our mailing address is:

Frost Farms HOA

P.O. Box 526

DeSoto, Texas 75115-0526

For HOA Payments:

Payments made out to:

Frost Farms Homeowners Assoc.

P.O. Box 526

DeSoto, Texas 75115-0526

For More Information:

Email: Dr. Jesse Ingram at 


Check out the NextDoor  app that allows you to connect with your neighbors in DeSoto.

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