Our Association

We established this association because we wanted to create a group in the Desoto area for people of all ages to get together and bond over shared interests. We offer exciting, fun events throughout the year.


We are always pleased to welcome new members to Frost Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. Please continue to visit our websites for upcoming meetings or events - we would love to meet you!


Our Board of Directors

We welcome NEW Board Members elected September 2017.

The Board of Directors is made up of seven residents of Frost Farms. Each member of the Board volunteers for a one-year term or more. However, at least three members are asked to remain an additional year for organizational continutity, making a typical service for each director two consecutive years. We encourage homeowners to volunteer to serve and always welcome change and fresh ideas. 


Eve Williams



Johnnie King



Errol Saunders

Board Member (New 2017)


David Abright

Architectural Lead


Nicole Minor

Board Member (New 2016)


James Mitchell

Board Member (New 2016)


Ross McBride

Board Member (New 2016)

Our Chairman/Treasurer

Eve Williams

Email: chair@FrostFarmsHOA.org


Phone 972-880-8904

Where To Find Us:

Mailing address is

Frost Farms HOA

P.O. Box 526

DeSoto, Texas 75123-0526

For more information

Phone: 972-880-8904


Email: Eve Williams at chair@frostfarmshoa.org

Check out Next Door Neighbor.  An app that allows you to connect with your neighbors in DeSoto.

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